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We are M&M International products in India We are having large experience in the field of import. You can import goods from China with our help at negligible cost, you don't need to buy a whole container at a time, 1 carton or 100 pc worth Rs. Few thousand you can start your import business, we don't mind to process your small order whatever it may be.

China is called "factory of world" and whole world Imports from china, India imports 95% of Products from china directly or Indirectly, Major imports from china to India.

The main reason behind this is Low cost of products and mass production, china is very near to us which leads to low transportation cost and people like us. Now you can learn the Import By yourself without the help of anybody but you have to spend lot of time searching for right information and sometime money to understand if and buts of Import business which may kill your money and interest in these business or just take our help and do easy import because we have Contacts, systems, people, resources & experience to get the best deals in china.

Do you want to M&M International?

Then you need to understand how importing from China works. Its essential to know the costs involved the time frame for delivery and a number of other things. Importing goods simply means buying goods from a supplier outside of your country.

We Provide Services For:

  • Builders and Hoteliers: We use already catering the needs of many big builders of repute and we have a large database of products already sourced by us for builders and hoteliers. Even the small house holders who aspire to construct and decorate their house we have excellent packages for them like electrical goods, furniture, bathroom settings, kitchen fitting, security system etc.
  • Merchandise Importer: If you are already importing goods from china you may hire us for any of our service or services or get a full package (explained in A-Z services) at the most economical price. We operate for various product categories like furniture, sanitary, gift items, toys, electronics appliances, mobile phones, various accessories etc.
  • Industrial Consumers: You just name us the product we shall source the product for you. If you have not sourced we shall facilitate you to strike the deal with your supplier and also take care of all other aspects so that the desired goods reach to you at the most economical prices and in minimum possible time. We operate for various product categories like any kind of chemicals, hardware, resins, iron materials, plastics, plywood etc.
  • Personal House Builders: You may wish to build or decorate your new house or modify your old one as to modernize it by installing exquisite and elite sanitary, chinaware, most modern flooring tiles or stones or decorate with latest design and best quality furniture. We assure you that we shall provide you or get for you the best and world class sanitary, chinaware and exquisite furnished fashionable furniture which you will never find in the best of showrooms in any city of India and even if you find a bits of these items in Indian showrooms these all are at twice or thrice the price, which you can get at your doorsteps through us so comfortably
  • Retail Chain Stores: We also provide A to Z services of all items which are being processed and imported from china to different retail chain stores. We could also work as buying agent in China or can undertake to supply them in India through our franchises. We operate for various categories of items like consumable, house holding, clothing etc.

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